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>>> RIP BMR <<<


BMR was de indexed a few weeks back (March 2012) and have shut down. They put up a blog post titled “Its been a great run” announcing their demise. As you would expect sites promoted with BMR lost rank, but not before making a good profit via this service, effective to the last! I guess late comers may have lost out on it which is a shame, but thats the way this stuff goes unfortunately.

For posterity I will leave my review up..

This post was originally published 14th September, but I re-date it when it is updated.

I recently signed up for the free trial on Build My Rank. You get 10 free posts to try the system before… you guessed it… the price goes up… never to be repeated offer… unless you have a large enough IQ to realise you can sign up with multiple mail addresses, in which case you not only get the offer a second time around, but another 10 freebies too. These sales tactics are so tedious.

One thing Build My Rank stipulate is that you must use original content, no spinning allowed.

To hell with that I thought, my general rule is never to give away anything that even remotely resembles decent content, especially when you are paying for the privellage, much better to catch your own domains IMO.

So, I duly whipped up a portion of spammy delight and fired it off to Build My Rank, and was surprised to find that 9 of them were rejected for being spinners.

Mein Gott! I thought, they must have real human beans behind that interface, real people… that… that actually give a flying fu shit about their network! Well, there is a turn up for the books!

Anyway, human beans or not, I was not about to hand over my precious verbage and decided to leave it alone. BuildMyRank is not scaleable, it needs a spinner, crap is king etc etc…

At the end of my trial I had a quick final mooch around and saw my solitary post sitting on a PR6 domain that, for a splog was pretty well looked after.

A fairly slow post count (for a splogathon) going out each day, 1-3 articles. I guess that is the constraint of not being able to spin!

So, after being pleasantly surprised and interested by this little gem I signed up and ordered 130 posts to be written by them.

BuildMyRank charge $2 per post and they are auto approve. You can choose to manually approve them yourself if you want, but to be frank, as long as they contain the title and anchor I specify I couldnt give a hoot what the wrapper looks like, so I just let them go out on auto pilot.

I started this review having spent $260 on 130 outsourced posts. Happy with those I subsequently spent another $250 on 125 more, so that is $510 plus the monthly fee of $59 :-|

$569 (now up to $1200 :-o ) is a lot of money to be squandoring on splog juice, it will be interesting to see how well these do. (initial signs are good which is why I added more sites / invested more money).

It will be very interesting to see if the rest of the network is anywhere near as good as this first site (I have added a graphic below shoing the first 18 posts distributed by PR).

I am primarily testing (80 of the 130 posts) these out on a page that ranks #100 for its keyword (already up to #19, but now the real work begins!) and is quite competitive. This page is on an established site that ranks for related terms. It will be an interesting one to watch.

The other 50 are going out on a site that is stuck in the mire, but that is not a good test as I have all manner of garbage being heaped upon that site at the moment.

One feature that I really like with BuildMyRank is the transparency within the system. Reports measure the number of posts that are indexed and also show you page rank distribution (I will post screenies once I have more data to share). I have not seen any other network do this, probably because their stats would be so poor. The fact Build My Rank are providing this data shows a highlevel of confidence in their own quality.

Below is one of their measures which shows the distribution of posts by Page Rank across their network. This only shows 73 live posts, but so far its a reasonable distribution, and, all the posts are indexed in Google:

I have another 250+ posts in their system. Some projects / URL’s have 70 posts pointing at them, so when I come to update the above graphic it should give a reasonable overview of network quality.

So, in a nutshell they continue to build thier network and monitor indexing rates. Indexing rates are not something I have seen other networks make available, but BMR publish a measure of it in their dashboard.

I remain pleased with Build My Rank. Their interface is slick, they have people working on it who seem to know what they are doing and it is certainly distinct from other networks. Thus far I like it.

Below are Some Updates I Posted:

Updated 21st September: PR distribution not looking quite so favorable now I have more posts out (93):

Most of my posts have not been sent yet, but Im already seeing good results on one of my main keywords having moved from nowhere (outside top 100) to position 11, I should hit the front page next week. This term returns 5.5 million results and has some strong contendors on the front page, If I can get position 5 I will he happy, that should provide a reasonable income for the time and money invested.

I also asked the guys at Build My Rank a couple of questions which I am going to post for you:

Me: Can you tell me how many new sites you plan on / are adding to this network and whether you have an upper limit in mind for these blogs. By that I mean, are you going to keep going and going posting thousands of links to these things which will result in partial indexing, or are you going to stop when a site reaches a certain limit (like Blog BluePrint state they will).

BMR: Right now we’ve got 750 domains and we add more every month.  Some blogs get disabled because the indexing rates aren’t what we’d like, page rank drops, etc.  We’ll work on those until the metrics improve.

As for post counts, right now the most posts any one blog has in our network is 110 so there’s a long way to go.  Because we don’t accept a bunch of spun content our blogs don’t get hammered everyday.  The primary concern for us will be when the indexing rates drop for blogs.  That could happen when they have 50 posts or 500.  That’s our sign to disable that blog and get to work until things improve.

Me: Would you mind if I re-posted your comments about indexing / number of domains in my review of your service?

BMR: Well the # of domains is a fluid number.  What you post today will be out of date in weeks.  Might be better to use something like close to 1000 domains.  Because we’ll be there sooner rather than later.

Updated 28th September: I now have 169 published posts, 215 queued and another 50 on order:

I am seeing improvements on the sites and keywords I am targeting with this system, but as I am using a slow drop (1-3 posts per day) it will be some time before the final results are in.

If you read my LinxBoss Review you will know that I cut that test short and decided to put the money into BMR instead. I complained that after a month of using LinxBoss I should have been collecting some longtails on that site. Since sending BMR posts to the same site I have started to see results. Of course, that site still has LinxBoss links pointing at it, and you could argue that the increase in ranking on that site is due at least in part to them, but I am pretty sure that the benefits I have seen on that site are from BMR. I am also sending links to another domain that is one year old. This domain has had some work done on it in the past, has PR and links but has never really ranked / made any money. That test will be an interesting one, but I think it will be a month before I can report back on that.

The site that was “stuck in the mud” has now moved up one position to #4, though I think that was due to another site losing position more than me gaining it. I also started adding content to that site as it is pretty thin and probably needs some more onsite work to get past the sites above it.

I have added more sites to BMR, two new sites and one aged site that I want to try to get earning. The aged site will be of most interest, it is 12 months old and I have a group of 5 keywords I want to improve rank on, and of course attract more longtails. I wont be tracking SERPs so much on that site so much as overall traffic and income.

The term that I was ranked outside the top 100 on made it to the front page and is currently fluctuating between #8 and #10. I am still hoping for top 5 on that term, and in terms of BMR submissions, I am less than half way through the queue for that site. Traffic has improved on that site, I seem to be getting more longtails for it.

Updated 15th October

I now have 400 live posts and 73 left in the queue and have just ordered another 230 260 posts from Build My Rank.

In terms of the PR distrubution, you can see the latest pie chart below:

Still a good PR distribution. I am still happy with the service, and have a little more to report on the results:

The site i was stuck at #5 for proved really tricky. There are some big sites above me that I was trying to slip past on the strength of better targetting. I know for a fact they have been spending a lot on SEO as their agents keep trying to buy links from me. I was using Build My Rank as a top up to everything else I was doing on this site, but it just would not budge, until yesterday :D . I have managed to leap frog a few sites from #5 to #2, though it is still bouncing around a bit. Also, as Build My Rank is a blog network, my posts will be slipping into the archives, i.e. no longer on the PR’d homepages. I am going to leave this one alone for another week now, and consider buying another 50 posts for it in another couple of weeks.

The other competitive term I was after for a different site, for which I said I would be happy with a #5 position is also stuck. I quickly went from nowhere to the front page, but have since fluctuated between #10 and #8. I still have more posts to run on that site.

However, I should point out that these posts have not drilled only the core terms, I always vary anchor text and mixed various permutations of the terms into the posts I bought. Whilst that second site has not achieved the rank I had hoped for on the specific terms, longtail traffic has increased substantially and so have my earnings. In terms of ROI, the work done on that site (100 BMR Posts costing $200) has paid dividends.

The site that was sandboxed is still sandboxed, that was perhaps an ill judged experiment.

The newer sites I added have responded quite well and I am making a few sales of those now.

Overall, things have worked out pretty well so far, but going forward I am going to do things differently.

Updated 04th November:

I think this will be my last update on this scheme, at time of writing I have over 1000 live posts and over 400 queued. The PR distribution is shown below:

I think 1000+ posts is a good sample and gives a good indication of the network as a whole.

I have now added a load more domains to the system. My plan is to send 50 posts each to a load of niche sites to try and move them along a bit.

I have been trying to outsource writing with limited success. I will persist with that but finding authors on a budget is never easy, particularly when you want to target tricky longtails. I have some good writers who only post a few per day, and some not so good writers who struggle to get their stuff approved. I think going forward I will use a mix of my own writers and those from BMR.

In terms of results, the domain I thought was “stuck” around #5 and was not worth spending more time is still hovering around #2 and I have started posting for that domain again using my outsourced writers. I now know its is only a matter of time before I take #1 on that term.

The more competitive phrase I wanted #5 on is still floating around #7 – #8 and I am not going to push that term any more. On that term there are over 15 million results reported in Google, the front page is covered in phrase matched PPC adds and titles from organic results. The top 7 results are PR4 – PR6 pages on PR5-7 root domains. I am sure I could take #5+ using BMR but the ROI is better in going after more longtails. In total I have over 120 posts published for that site now, not all on that one term, and not all to that page, but a good mix of terms to different pages. The results from that have been very good and I have probably recouped my total BMR investment just from that one site in the first 10 weeks or so.  So, I did not get the results I wanted on that specific term, but in terms of longtail traffic and income, results have been excellent.

Another older site I tried to move back up the SERPs from #10 is at #7 with only a few posts sent.

Another older domain I loaded which was not making any money before started earning again, I will persist with that one.

Update 07th November: BMR Closed!

A couple of things have changed recently with BMR. First the time to complete outsourced orders increased, clearly they had a lot on. Then the price of outsourced orders went up 20%.

BMR always primised to keep the post rate to their network reasonable by adding more domains to the network, but the fact is, there is a finite supply of PR’d domains on the market, and then there is the issue of acquiring more IP’s etc to host them on.

So, it seems that in order to keep their promises about maintaining quality they are closing to new members for a while. When they re-open they may have a tiered pricing plan, with post / domain limits depending on your plan.

This will be a bit of a pain for me as I now have a lot of posts and domains in the system, but I guess its only fair to pay in line with usage.

BMR have set up a waiting list, Im sure they will be back soon.

Below Are Some General Observations:

Link Placement: As BMR posts “the excerpt” to the front page on most blogs, only the first part of your post will appear on the homepage. For that reason, it makes sense to try and add your link in the first part of your post to get your links on the homepage / category pages, as per Shanes suggestion in his own Build My Rank Review on RichQuickReview.

None Indexed Sites: I have seen a couple of posts that have not been indexed in Google despite being live for a couple of weeks. Not good given the cost of the things. I managed to track one of these sites down (It is not possible to find the others as they are not indexed…) and found that that cached page was a GoDaddy expired domain page. My guess is that the other non indexed pages are similar, i.e. expired sites that have not been indexed. It would be better if BMR were to allow the sites to re-index / cache before posting, but as they need content for the new sites I guess its a bit “chicken and egg”. To be clear, the site I found is indexed in Google, but it has not been re-indexed / cached for some time, and will no doubt take a while to get going again. This does show that BMR are adding new sites to the network (this one was PR3), but also shows that sites are going straight from the drop into the network and may take time to “take hold”.

Quality of Content: I have now spent around $860 on posts with BMR at $2 each. Having looked at a few of these it is pretty clear they are non native English (which is to be expected at that price). I think going forward I will look to find my own off shored writers for this. BMR allows you to create author accounts for your own outsourcers and it should be possible to get similar posts done for $1 each, but I know from experience finding and retaining writers is a real pain.

Risk: As with any link racket, if the BMR network gets de-indexed then all your (my) money will go down the gurgler and sites will lose their rank again. That is the chance you take with these networks. Of the publicly available networks, BMR is the most secure in this regard. They have a more varied outbound link profile, original content etc. but they are by no means bullet proof. You pays your money and take your chances.

How I Plan To Use Build My Rank In Future

I will continue to use BMR in two ways:

1) To launch new sites, where I need fewer better links in the first few months of a sites life. The new sites I added to BMR have responded well, had I hit them with higher volumes from the cheaper spin and submit services they would probably have hit a filter / been sandboxed. As it is, they are making money.

2) Sniping profitable longtails. I am going to move away from trying to get higher level keywords with this tool. BMR gives you a lot of flexibility with the keywords you can target, and it makes sense to take advantage of that, whilst using less flexible products to drill away at the higher level terms.

Updated 18th Januray 2011

Ok of the two methods I tried above:

1) Using it to introduce new sites: I have seen little benefit from doing this vs lower quality methods, and would not particularly recommend using BMR on sites that are not already ranking, not if you are focussing on short term ROI at least. I am sure that when the sites eventually start to rank they will do better then they would have without BMR, but, if you have a lot of sites you can potentially promote and a finite amount of posts you can make, then I would suggest the second option.

2) Using it to pick off keywords on established sites works extremely well. The flexibility and comparitive quality of this network vs its competitors means you can boost specific keywords quite easily. This is where I have made most money with this system. Checking stats (traffic, rank, conversion rates) of terms on older sites for which I am not ranking #1 and re-visiting them.

If you found this review helpful and are going to take BMR up on their offer of 10 free trial posts, please Use My Affiliate Link and Reward Me With Scheckels while your at it :P

Current Rating for Build My Rank:


109 Responses to “BuildMyRank Review”
  1. My vocab. has expanded after reading this. Lurking in the sewers really expands one’s creative writing abilities.
    Squire Splogs recently posted..Writing for Search Engines and People

  2. Shane says:

    Nice review! Looking forward to seeing more results.

    I’m also running some tests with BMR and so far, it’s looking good. I got one page from #12 to #3 for a fairly good term and most of that increase was thanks to BMR.
    So far, I’m happy with the service and I agree that it’s nice to see they really care about their network.
    Shane recently posted..The End is Nigh! Google Instant

    • admin says:

      Yeah it seems a good system, if expensive. I just checked out your site, surprised to see you peddling expensive ebooks and then sticking BMD on your “dont buy” list… wrong way round IMHO.

      • Shane says:

        Wait, what expensive ebooks am I peddling? Do you mean Backlinks Hydra?

        With BMD, I simply never got a good return for the time I invested (investing a bit of time = zero results, little results = needing to invest lots of time…).

        • admin says:

          Sorry I should not have used the term “peddling”, I was messing around but now I read it back it does not look very nice :|

          Which version of BMD were you using? A while back I would have agreed with you but since they added captcha solving services and auto email validation it is a lot better. You can add hundreds of additional sites to BMD on the various platforms they support. You can then create schedules to drip links out at X per day. When I got BMD for $47 I was not happy, I did not use it for a long time, but now I think its pretty good.

          I run it on a vps and let outsourcers use it on my behalf.

          • Shane says:

            Don’t worry about it.

            Last time I used BMD, it was early into version 5. I can imagine that it’s okay if you outsource it, actually. I probably never got into it enough and the time I did spend with it never got me satisfactory results.

            I have to admit that it has the one-time fee going for it. That’s becoming a rare thing these days.

            • admin says:

              I dont find BMD that hard to work with. I find it pretty easy to outsource, there are some decent training videos on it which help.

              Its not a great tool for ranking, but it has its place, ok for indexing. I would recommend it to someone who was starting out due to the fact its a one off cost. The links it gets are better than some of the monthly schemes around at the moment.

              They are certainly better than that ridiculous instant social anarchy which is more than twice the price.

  3. Glad things are working well for you so far.

  4. Mike says:

    Hey, Buildmyrank definitely looks great so far. I am about to cancel all these other BS services I am using and just go with BMR and some others. Luckilly, I have an outsourcer that pumps these articles out very well. about 120 posts for $90…

    Anyway, it’s nice to see a decent review site coming along.

    • admin says:

      I still use the mass manglers, there are times when pumping out copious amounts cheap gobbledygook wins out over expensive services like BMR… but if you have a couple of sites that are making money and want a lift on specific “harder to reach” KW’s BMR is probably the best system at the moment.

      I did cancel LinxBoss for that reason tho, I figured the money being flushed down the LinxBoss gurgler would be better spent on BMR posts.

      Unlike all the other “review sites” I wont be slipping any turds into my recommendations for quick affiliate bucks :-D

  5. I am also really looking forward to reading more of your results.
    Work From Home Money recently posted..Free Website Traffic For You!

  6. logan says:

    well, i’m holding back towards BMR before because i have to pay more on outsourcing articles, however it seems i have to give it a try since there are so many good reviews for it.

    Thanks for the great review also your site.
    logan recently posted..借地方发几个消息。

    • admin says:

      Yeah it is good, but expensive… It is not the first thing I would use, but it is one of the better ones, and versatile. For example, I am using it to launch new sites off where I dont want to put too many links into them, and targeting specific terms on older established sites.

  7. seabird says:

    If Mike is reading this – can I find out who your outsourcer is? $120 for 90-posts seems like a pretty good deal.

  8. Kumar says:

    Nice little gem! Having good results within 24 hrs! What is going on here?!? Extremly surprised.
    Any chance for an update please, just to make sure it is worth the money!?

    • admin says:

      I just added another update. Not sure where you got “24 hours” from, I do not remember mentioning that, if I did it would have been with reference to BMR indexing (which I have seen happen in much less than 24 hours… as you see with any well indexed blog).

      You will not see results from this system that quickly.

  9. Kumar says:

    Oh and any suggestions how many these posts per day to one domain? Also would it work on a UK site, as most of the sites in the network are in the US a guess? Just been ripped off a few times, now trying to SEO my own site, the only one I have :)
    Love your reviews, keep it up!!

    • admin says:

      Hi I am sending 1-3 posts per day to each site. I have typically been using 50 posts per site, but that varies. The highest is 90+.

      I am in the UK too and this system will work just fine ;-)

      If you are going to use it I would suggest you try to outsource your posts, it gets very expensive buying these things at $2 a go. It goes without saying you need to know your keywords will get a return too!

  10. Hey guys, enjoying the continued updates and comment thread. I’ll point out that yes we’re always adding new domains and will continue do so. And those new domains can take a few days to get up to speed so that’s why we work them into the rotation over time. And we do monitor indexing rates and disable blogs that aren’t indexing well. That being said considering how much volume we handle across our network our monthly indexing rate is 95%+ which is pretty damn good for a network of our size. And keep in mind no other network (at least that I know of having a been a subscriber to most of them in the past myself) even publishes this info!

    And yes our outsourcers are mostly non English language natives. But they must pass tests, etc to work on our jobs, and generally speaking their quality is pretty good.

    Any how keep the updates coming.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for dropping by, no I have not seen any other networks provide indexing stats either, I think I mention this in the post somewhere… most other networks are badly indexed. Things like SEO Link Vine and AMA are particularly weak.

      Yeah I will keep updating the posts on this site, this has been the most popular post so far… I guess because its a new system and it seems to work!

  11. cloud says:

    great review on BMR, i’m thinking of subscribing,

    one quick question about the articles, is it hard for indexing the articles with just 150 words long?


  12. Luke says:

    Yeah I’ve been using BMR for a couple months now too and I’m really liking it, getting great results. I don’t feel like spending money on outsourcing posts at the moment, so I just type out a lot of my own posts. But it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting time since nearly every post is shown as indexed and I’m seeing results for every keyword I’m targeting, even tough ones. It doesn’t take long to write a few posts each day, but I will start outsourcing more when the sites I’m trying to position start to generate some $$
    Luke recently posted..The Daily Checklist

    • admin says:

      Yeah its gets expensive outsourcing all these, I will see if I can pick up a writer myself, but I know from experience that can be a real pain.

  13. cloud says:

    hello, i dont know why my comment never shows up. but i’m not spamming…

    thanks for your great review about BMR, i’m just wondering what is your word count per article? Is it too hard for indexing the articles which have only 150 words long?


    • admin says:

      You got akismetted, dont know why…

      • cloud says:

        thanks for approving my comments:)

        and can you please let me know what is the word count of your articles?
        i just want to add one link per article so i’m thinking of outsourcing a batch of 150 words long articles before subscribing. But i’ve no idea whether there is a relationship between the word count and indexing.

        Is it hard for 150 words long article to be indexed?


        • admin says:

          150 is the minimum word count.

          There is a relationship between Uniquness and PR with indexing.

          The more unique it is, and the better the page rank of your article the better it will index. In the case of this system there is enough Page Rank in the sites themselves to hold posts in the index.

          No it is not hard to index 150 words.

          I would be careful about outsroucing too many articles before you subscribe in case they are not approved. Also, you can create an “author account” for your writers to enter posts directly into BMR, though I have not tried that myself.

          I think if you can recruit a couple of authors first, then get your subscription then that would work better.

          You get a free week with 10 posts on BMR before you have to pay anything, that would give you a little time to see if your authors were up to the job.

          • cloud says:

            thanks buddy.

            I’m really lucky to stumble on your blog, so many helpful reviews and tips. I like your quote as well:)

  14. Zana Hart says:

    I’m into my BuildMyRank trial period and so far I really like it, though not enough time for any results yet. It suits my working style, as I am a writer more than a techie. I really like the feature that any article I write for it gets a whole bunch of social bookmarking etc backlinks.
    Zana Hart recently posted..Are Bamboo T-Shirts Green

    • admin says:

      Yeah its working quite nicely so far, my only concern is that it does not get over subscribed and go the same way as some of the other networks with 10 posts per day on the sites. That would kill it.

      • Believe me that’s not our intention to sit back and collect cash. As subscriber growth accelerates so does our domain acquisition efforts. Last month we acquired 3 times as many domains as we have in previous months. So we’re trying to maintain enough domain spread to keep post counts to 3-5 posts per day per blog on average.

  15. sundog says:

    Sending 1-3 posts per day to each site seems reasonable. But I’m wondering about sending 50 posts per site and sometimes 90+. Will sending that many posts per day for one site raise a red flag in the search engines? What are your deciding factors on whether you send 3 or 50 plus posts.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.

    • admin says:

      I am not sending that many posts per day.
      Build My Rank allow you to schedule using the following options:

      1 post per day
      1-3 posts per day
      4-6 posts per day
      7-10 posts per day

      I have never used schedules, I tend to stick with 1-3, I have a couple 4-6, I doubt I will go higher than that.

  16. Paul says:

    Great review.

    Good advice with the keyword in the first sentence – i found an indexed post and my link was not there.

    Place your link early on otherwise, just a waste.


    • admin says:

      Well its only a small benefit, but worth considering…

    • Hi Paul, not really when we’re checking for indexing we’re checking to confirm the post page itself is indexed. Maybe what you were looking at was the blog homepage where an except of the post is shown.

      • admin says:

        Thanks for that, this was something I was wondering about. I have seen the same thing, i.e. search for a snippet from the post and get taken to the homepage, which no longer has the post on it.

        So you are saying that when you report a link as “found” or “indexed” it is the post page that is indexed, not just the snippet appearing in Google?

  17. sundog says:

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your time and your insight.

  18. Iain says:

    Damn you all, Now i’m going to have to sign up for this – pah

    10 freebies is ok though :)

    • admin says:

      Haha yeah, but at least this one works, for now!

    • admin says:

      I should add, I have another update coming soon on this post when I hit the “1000 posted” mark. The results im getting are pretty good as my older posts settle in and get fully indexed. The site I said was stuck at #5 has gone up, I could get #1 on that after all.

      The older site that was not making any money is now, after a couple of weeks in this system.

      Another established site with a term @ #10 has moved to #7 with little effort, I will be pusihg that a bit harder… it definitely works, so long as the network does not get banned, which is a risk with any of these networks… but you have to be in it to win it!

      • Richard says:

        What’s the competition for the keyword that you’re targeting 1000 links with? I’d imagine it’s something pretty competitive? Just curious on PR and backlinks to pages and domain.


        • admin says:


          I am heading towards 1000 posts total in the system spread across lots of different sites. Within those sites I am mixing up the keywords. I would guess the most posts I have done for a single specific keyword is perhaps 40, with other related / stemmed phrases in the mix.

          As mentioned in one of the updates above, I am now using this system for longtail stuff. I added a load of old sites on which I plan to send 50 links per site, and then remove them. Those are on very specific terms.

          I think the most posts I have sent so far to a single site is around 180 posts, though, only 90 are published, the rest will take a few weeks to go out, they are still queued.

  19. Nate W. says:

    Hey Jez,

    I’m from the TKA crowd and came over to read your review. I appreciate the format of your reviews (the running updates are extremely helpful). I have a problem of not knowing when a ship is sinking and I think your blog will help me with that.

    Call me old fashioned, but I’m not a big fan of the profanity on your site.

    Either way, you’ve picked up a new reader/purchaser (which is saying something considering I only ever read what’s on TKA).

    • admin says:

      Hi Nate,

      I think “profane” is a bit strong, but I take your point, Im not out to offend anyone, Im just messing around for the most part. I was discussing this with a friend recently, after looking at another blog. This other site was polished, all nicey nicey, “family friendly”. That site had a quotes plugin like the one in my sidebar, only theirs was running bible quotes.

      This site is straight down the line, no swindles, no lies, no cash grab, as opposed to the family friendly bible quoting site which will rob you blind with falsehoods and bogus products.

      Internet marketing is a cess pool overrun with lying cretins. For my part I run dubious link schemes and such schenanigans and my language is a little raw at times… but I never sell bogus products or print mis information / false testimonials. I use grey hat promotion, but the end customers who visit my sites never get a bad deal… that is my poor excuse for a moral code.

      Anyway, like I said, not trying to be controversial or upset anyone… please try to take it with a pinch of salt :P

  20. Kumar says:

    Came here for a little rant, so prices increased at BMR, and i mashed up 2 posts in my ‘spare’ time. Both rejected because bad grammar spelling errors etc, edited them in word, corrected a few things and resubmit then rejected again!!!?!?!
    What is going on here? I mean come on, look at thier posts! As you said it is clear they written by non native english speakers.
    Anyone else had this experience? Looks like they are forcing you to buy from them all the posts!!!

    • admin says:

      I think most of their content comes from the Philipenes.

      I have been using several authors over the last week or so with varying levels of success.

      There are two who are native English speakers, neither of them had any posts rejected.

      There is one non native with good English who has not had a post rejected.

      Another guy who is pretty good had one or two turned down.

      There were a few others whose English has been an issue and they have had loads of posts rejected.

      So on the basis of that I would say its definitely to do with the standard of English rather than pushing you toward their own authors… change of moderator not withstanding!

      One of the unique features with BMR is being able to create 5 author accounts… they would not do that if they wanted to push you down the road of only buying content from them.

      You say the posts were “mashed up”, do you mean taken from the internet and mashed togeter, if so those would be rejected as duplicate.

      From what I have seen, as long as its legible, makes some sense and does not look spun it will get through.

      I had not noticed the price hike TBH, but they did say the price was going to go up. I guess with a system like this you can only accomodate so many users, and one way to throttle the number of users is to hike the price.

      To be frank, as an existing customer I will be quite happy if they have hiked the price. The reason this system works is because the targets are not too heavily worked. If BMR sell too many slots then they will burn out their network as others have done before them.

      • Nate W. says:

        I’ve got a few writers from the Philippines posting on BMR. I’m at about 80 posts and none of their stuff has been rejected. I do edit it up a bit before posting though.

        • Nate W. says:

          I should mention that all my posts are 400 words long. I figured I might as well try and make their blogs seems more natural. Most of the posts are around 150-200 words. Mine are 350-400. This might be why I’m having no problems getting accepted. I’m doing two links per post.

  21. kumar says:

    Thanks for that. Well mashed up in my stupid head :) . To me they make sense, I really do not see what the problem is with them. I just paid for 20 posts 2 days ago, not to BMR, and now I worry they will be rejected. You are right though with the burning out their system.

    PS. sick is awesome :) glad I found your site

    • admin says:

      I miss understood what you were talking about with the price increase, I thought you meant they increased the sign up fee, but you were referring to the cost of buying posts. That increase is a bit of a bummer. I had noticed a slow down in the time taken to complete posts prior to that, perhaps they were struggling with the number of orders.

  22. Phil S. says:

    They appear to be up and accepting new accounts again? A good review…off to give them a try…

  23. DavidS says:

    I’ve been using BMR for about 6 months now. My thoughts?

    It started off as a great service – quiet network, conscientious owner behind it ensuring things running smoothly. Now though, much of the time, the blog network suffers greatly from downtime. Yes, downtime. I’m talking about the blog network here. It’s a real dealbreaker for me. I wrote to BMR’s owner (John) and informed him but he says it’s out of his hands. It’s really intolerable when your links are published on blogs that suffer FREQUENTLY from downtime or timeouts. I would strongly advise anyone AGAINST using BMR while this issue persists. It has been persisting for 2 months or so now, and I’m on the verge of quitting which is a massive shame since BMR do all the difficult bits so well – indexing, building out the network etc – yet they can’t get the hosting right.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the info, I had not noticed their sites going down.

      It does not surprise me though, “SEO Hosting” is notoriously flakey. I use two such hosts and they are both junk. One goes down all the time, the other is continually moving stuff between ropey servers and manages to lose the odd database.

      Personally Ill stick with BMR as long as it continues to get results.

      • DavidS says:

        The problem still persists with BMR (as of today) – John (BMR owner) is as frustrated as the rest of us with it – he’s a great guy who is always working on BMR but the hosting is really spoiling it. I wouldn’t be bothered even with 90% uptime (which would be ridiculous under normal circumstances, but we’re talking link networks here) but downtime seems much worse than this.

        • S says:

          Hi, my first post her – lots of great info. I have been using BMR for a couple of months with great result, but it seems that the indexing rate is dropping fast. In the beginning my post where indexed within a couple of days – now I have a hole bunch posted the first week of December that are still not indexed – so there is definitely “something going on”. I don’t know if it is related to hosting issues or that the network has become more popular and therefore more post is being published per day. I have also noticed that several of my post now is being submitted to blogs with PR 0 – while it used to be PR 2 +

          • admin says:

            Greetings, I noticed that too but it seems to have improved again.
            I also noticed the drop in PR. That could be that some caught domains have lost their PR, as often happens after they expire, in which case it will not make any difference to the value of the links, or it could be something more serious :| I have not really dug into it though. It could also be related to hosting, though it would have to be very serious to cause that… things like a DNS error for a few weeks can cause it, but I have not seen it caused merely by “crappy hosting”.

            They stopped accepting new members a while back due to over use… I have not seen it getting worse since that time.

            I think you are right with your points. BMR is not as good as it was, but it is still working well and is still better than anything else I have used lately, so Im sticking with it ;-)

            • Our indexing rate has never been better! The first 2 weeks in December were slow while we transitioned sites. We got off the crap shared hosting, and now uptime is virtually 100%.

              On another note everyone notices the Pr drops, but very few notice the PR increases. The last few updates we’ve had more sites with PR increases then drops which I think speaks for itself.

              BTW, we re-opened the doors today.


              • admin says:

                Hi John,

                Thanks for dropping by again… glad you managed to get the hosting sorted out. TBH Ive found BMR pretty consistent on the whole… still a good system.

  24. Glenn Palmer says:

    Okay, I’ll give BMR a try with a brand new site. Burn up the free submissions at least and see how it goes.Been wanting something more aggressive than EZA. Thanks for the review.
    Glenn Palmer recently posted..Grooming your West Highland Terrier

  25. John says:

    Any way you can do an updated post about your successes or failures of this program? I see they just opened their doors again.. so is it still worth it and are you seeing great, lasting results?


    • admin says:


      Ill come back to it when I have time, Im a bit snowed under… but I am still adding and promoting sites with it.

      My best results have come on sites that were already ranking where i have been able to target lots of longtails. The fact you have to get all this stuff hand written makes it very easy to target in this way.

      I am seeing some great results, but I also have some sites that have not resonded so well.

      Yes it is worth it, and in my opinion its still the best system of its kind around.

  26. Mike says:

    My PR distribution is not as good as yours so far.

    5 – PR1
    2 – PR3
    3 – PR2

    • Mike says:

      Right after I posted my PR distribution I got 2 PR-4 and a PR-3.

      • admin says:

        Yeah its complete luck, wait till you have a few hundred posts out and see how it looks then, you cannot tell what the distribution is straight away.

    • Mike says:

      Here is my updated PR distribution:
      PR0 – 2
      PR1 – 15
      PR2 – 20
      PR3 – 23
      PR4 – 6

      So that’s pretty good, but I’m thinking about canceling my subscription. The reason why I’m considering doing that is because I run an e-commerce store, and I would rather spend time writing unique product descriptions for my items.

      In the beginning, I was targeting my category pages, but I realized that the search terms for the categories were much more competitive compared to the product pages. I experience better SERP results when I spend time to write a unique product description (I think this is especially important with the new Panda/Farmer update).

      I’m sure that if I submitted a post for specific products to BMR, I would boost my SERPs, but I can’t see justifying paying the $59.00 a month plus the time/money it takes for each post.
      Mike recently posted..More Airsoft Parts And Magazines In

      • admin says:

        TBH I would not write for BMR, but outsource it, which is what everyone else does.

        You are right to put time into your own content instead.

  27. Pott says:

    Hello admin, that’s a very detailed review. I have sugned up based on it.

    Do you know how many of those posts are on duplicate domains? Like how many of those posts are on unique domains and how many on the same domains?


    • admin says:

      Hi Pott,

      I did ask that question when I started this review some time ago. At that time the answer was 600 but they were adding more domains and suggested I actually quote a figure of 1000 as that is what they were headed toward. I do not know how many sites they have now, but I believe they are still growing their network. Perhaps someone from BMR will drop by to answer your question directly as they seem to keep an eye on this post :P

  28. Jason says:

    Just subscribed through your link. Will give it a good go and see what happens.

    At the moment the way I see it is, you only need 3 extra sales of an ebook to pay for the service.

    Will give an update in a month or two.

  29. mike says:

    awesome review. you have me convinced that I should give this a shot with some of my niche sites. trying to build backlinks manually is a lot of work. hopefully this can help me ramp things up.
    mike recently posted..How to Start Researching Your First Niche Website

  30. steven says:

    thanks so much for your honesty. it really is difficult, actually impossible, to discern between the crap and the decent link building products out there. as you said you have to buy and use it to see what you get. i have only been in this game for less than a year and have read hundreds of blogs in order to get an ‘education’ on how to improve my sites and make some money.

    what i have found out is that the only way to really ‘educate’ yourself is to buy products and test them. i realize you are legit because i have used several products you have written reviews on and have had the same or similar results. i will now be a reader of your site, it will save me money and hopefully make you some when i purchase future products through your aff links. thanks! steven

    btw- you wrote “This site will never do that, to quote the only person who I still trust enough to buy through “My reputation is worth more to me than a few sheckels”… a dying breed.”, do you mind sharing who this person is you trust? thanks a lot
    steven recently posted..Korotkoff Sounds- Determining What To Listen For When Taking A Blood Pressure

    • admin says:

      That person does not have a website nor do they write reviews… just someone I know with a good attitude :D

  31. David Lo Pan says:

    Wow – hell of a review. I signed up for their trial a couple days ago, but I wish I’d read this post first so I could give you the referral…oh well…you’ll be alright :)

    I’ve been using PostRunner for about a year now with good results, but I’m looking to BMR to help diversify a little…we’ll see how it goes.

    Later man!

    David Lo Pan
    David Lo Pan recently posted..2011 Update

  32. Hi,

    Thanks for this excellent review.

    I recently joined up at Backlinks Ninja for couple of my sites. Its only been 5 days so can’t obviously tell if it will work.

    Do you mind doing a review on Backlink Ninja.

    Canon 7D Price recently posted..Canon 7D Price Comparison

    • admin says:

      I may take a look if I get time… pretty busy atm thought, Ive not really had time to update this site, which is a shame as I have fun with this one :p

  33. Hey,

    great and pretty interesting. Dont know when I read a text that long at 1 am and that although I was not really interested in the post but in how to build a blog network myself :D

    Anyways, thanks for the post


    Best WordPress Plugins recently posted..WP e-Commerce

  34. Simon says:

    I have just signed upto BMR, it does seem to work as described, however I am wondering about your comment covering Linkvana below:-

    “The splogs I found were all low PR, PR2 to be precise. So, at a rate of 10 posts a day or so, I found my original content was basking in PR2 glory for less than 24 hours before being shipped off to the archives of doom. Pretty quickly you were buried so deep in the archives that there was a good chance your page would not even be indexed in the major search engines.”

    Surely the same problem exists with BMR, the posts it creates are generally on PR2 splogs with unique content, they are on the home page for a couple of days and then shunted off to the archives – what is the difference, considering that I have to spend time or money in creating these posts.

  35. It sounds really promosing but is it still effective after the Panda update?
    link building expert amsterdam recently posted..Linkbuilding Strategie

  36. Simon says:

    Well so far I have been writing my own articles, i am finding the people there to be far too picky and articles which are good enough for a PR1 blog are getting rejected too often, I do not think the service is scaleable enough for my needs.

    if i write the articles myself – just 5 links a day would take me an hour probably, then they reject some ect ect.

    If I pay their people it costs me 30*5*2.5=$375 per month for just 1 link a day for 5 sites.

    And i have over 50 sites !!

  37. Hey thats a superb review i was searching the same review about buildmyrank.Really a clear explanation :P cheers!!!
    bloggingtalks recently posted..This is the way to get backlink and constant traffic

    • admin says:

      No worries, I really need to update it!
      I am sitll using BMR, not on the scale I was, but its still a really useful service and I still get results with it.

  38. Steve Harris says:

    Awesome and very detailed review. It’s great to know there are still people around who will take the time to really test out a tool and give an honest review. It’s also very nice to get done reading a long review and feel as though you actually gained some knowledge from it. Thanks for your genuine review and keep up the great work.

  39. Greg says:

    IS BMR still effective post-Panda and Nov 2011 anchor text devaluation updates?

  40. Packed with ALN you can make a killing with affiliate/adsense sites. :)

    • admin says:

      ALN was a crap heap, I stopped using it after sites I had in the network lost PR / got de-indexed. I think they got slammed along with other networks recently, but not completely, I still have a couple of sites running on ALN that are indexed, but they have lost all value.

  41. Jenni says:

    Very nice review. However, I wonder that have you considered this’s a long term link building service without any risk? Something like Google will punish the network and so on…
    Jenni recently posted..Top 3 Activities of Successful Viral Content Marketing

    • admin says:

      LOL, prophetic words. Yes I considered the risks. Yes I have lost rank on sites I promoted. Yes it still made money for me during the time I used BMR. Yes I would do it all over again.

  42. Cbfire999 says:

    I have so far written 7 of my free 10 posts and my site has flucuated between page 2 & 3 and I am hoping it will make page 1 soon. The site has been up a while but has not had much linking done to it. I am happy writting the content so far but would you suggest outsourcing for ease? Does the content really matter? What I mean by that is, will BMR be able to write a post about a subject well enough or does it not matter?

  43. JaredCyn says:

    Very cool review, well detailed – thanks.

    I realize your last update was over a year ago so I’m hoping that post Panda things are still fairly solid adding this strategy to the mix.

    Doing some ranking work for local businesses via new sites lately and really trying to hone in on a good link building mix that works fairly consistently. There’s usually not a huge amount of competition for these local kw’s but then again that’s worked against me a few time by looking too aggressive (read: spammy) and getting sandboxed :(

    Been testing a crap load of variables to find the best mix of quantity, quality and automation – seen some success with Blogging Underground on the one off, good PR link part but I’m going to give BMR a try and see how it stacks up.

    Thanks again – cheers

  44. Jason says:


    Just heard that they have had 70% of their network de-indexed.


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